Spring Reading: Gartner Highlights Advantages to Hybrid Approach to Volume Licensing; Directions on Microsoft Explains Downgrade Rights

From time to time we have the opportunity to share with readers full reports from leading analyst firms. A couple new reports we can make available for a limited time are posted to the MS Licensing website HERE 

Gartner analyst Dolores Ianni’s recently published a report is designed to assist Microsoft Volume Licensing customers in sorting through the variety of licensing agreement options. A key point put forward is that licensing flexibility enables customers to utilize a hybrid approach that will be more cost effective for their unique business needs.

This guide includes an easy-to-use flow chart that takes customers through the licensing decision making process for both desktop applications and online services. IT procurement managers will likely find this useful in determining possible paths to more cost effective licensing scenarios.   

  • Read the full Gartner report on our website: “A Hybrid Approach to Microsoft’s Volume Licensing Agreements Could Reduce Costs and Compliance Risks.”

Earlier this year, Kirkland, Wash.-based Directions on Microsoft released a report on the downgrade rights owners are entitled to if they want to deploy earlier versions of certain Microsoft products through volume licensing. The report discusses the importance of understanding downgrade rights to eliminate noncompliance mistakes and unnecessary cost due to over licensing.

  • To read more about other downgrade rights, such as edition downgrades, you can read the full Directions on Microsoft report here: “Understanding Microsoft Downgrade Rights.

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