TagVault.org and Microsoft Work Together to Improve Software Management

Today Microsoft announced its continued efforts to improve software asset management with its membership to TagVault.org. TagVault.org is a nonprofit organization that works with industry partners to lower costs and improve security for organizations managing software portfolios based on the software identification ISO standard. 

In today’s IT industry, identifying and tracking software applications, software updates and patches can be complex. With Software Identification (SWID) tags, an IT organization can ensure that its computing environment applies only trusted applications and correct software updates. Through this collaboration, Microsoft and TagVault.org will help advance the certification requirement in the software ecosystem. This includes providing a simplified method for customers to manage their complete software portfolios and offering them a more cost-effective solution.

Microsoft first announced its support of SWID tags in April 2012. See: Microsoft adopts ISO software identification (SWID) tags to help customers manage IT inventory. 

Full press release:  Microsoft Announces Membership in TagVault.org

Want more on SWID tags? View a webinar detailing the current state of SWID tags in the market presented by Steve Klos, executive director of TagVault.org on March 14, 2013.  This recording provides details on: 

  • Who is supporting the tagging efforts in the marketplace today
  • What SWID tags are being used for today
  • Where you can go to learn more
  • When SWID tags will be seen even more widely in the market
  • Why organizations need SWID tags
  • How organizations should be thinking of incorporating SWID tags into your IT strategy

View the full webinar, State of SWID Tags in the Market, here 

Get more information on TagVault.org.

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