Red Cross Federation Expands Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Helping Provide Greater Licensing Flexibility

We’re proud to share that today, Microsoft Corp. announced that the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) has expanded on a global Enterprise Agreement with a new Memorandum of Understanding to offer Microsoft Office 365 and other products as the standard communications and collaboration platform for its National Societies worldwide, helping provide greater licensing flexibility. The signing has the potential to serve more than 1 million volunteers and staff members in the network.

The IFRC’s use of Microsoft Volume Licensing highlights several unique benefits for the Enterprise Agreement (EA) and licensing of Office and Microsoft online services. Check out the following links for more information related to topics in this announcement:

More information on the volume licensing programs discussed in the press release:

In the below video, the IFRC’s global chief information officer (CIO) discusses selecting the Microsoft cloud to help enhance capacity and response.

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