Millions in Productivity Gains Realized by Upgrading Microsoft Software via Enterprise Agreement (case study)

Eastman Chemical Company upgraded to Windows 7 and Office 2010 through Microsoft Volume Licensing achieve this result, here's their story.

Kingsport, Tennessee-based Eastman Chemical Company is a global producer of more than 1,200 chemicals, fibers, and plastics that form the key ingredients in everyday products. To optimize production and increase productivity, its employees need insight into its manufacturing processes.

To accomplish its goals, Eastman uses a real-time data and event infrastructure from OSIsoft, a Microsoft Global Alliance partner, combined with upgrading Windows 7 and Office 2010 through its Enterprise Agreement available through Microsoft Volume Licensing. When it upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise and Microsoft Office 2010, 83 percent of employees reported that OSIsoft applications performed faster, according to a recent case study.

With software that performs better, employees are more productive. “We did some internal benchmarking, measuring the time it takes to start your computer in the morning, to open up an Excel spreadsheet, or get to the point where you can read your email. After looking at a study that shows a heavy user would gain 80 hours of productivity a year using Windows 7, we extrapolated that out to the field based on our results and estimated more than $5 million in productivity gains,” said Tracy Davenport, systems analyst, Eastman Chemical Company.

With more than 10,000 employees, Eastman took advantage of its Software Assurance New Product Version Rights available through its Enterprise Agreement (EA) to upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise and Office 2010. The New Product Version benefit enables customers with SA to gain access to new software versions as soon as they are released for no additional cost. (For the full list of SA benefits, download our SA benefits chart.)

For Eastman Chemical Company, the upgrade also yielded savings from a sustainability standpoint. “Not only are we deferring the significant costs of a global hardware upgrade, we are being fiscally and environmentally responsible by prolonging the life of company assets,” said David Johnston, systems associate, manufacturing solutions team at Eastman Chemical Company.

To learn more about the EA and how New Product Versions through Software Assurance can lead to productivity gains, visit the EA webpage.  Also make sure to check out our recent mailbag Q&A on the EA with Andrew Wolfe, senior product manager for the Enterprise Agreement, which features discussions on adding online services to your agreement. Additionally, check out our recent blog post on benefits through the EA for additional insight.

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