The United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Takes Advantage of the Enterprise Agreement’s Flexibility

Creating a cost-effective IT plan for the largest civilian cabinet-level agency in the U.S. Federal Government is no easy task. That’s why the VA turned to Microsoft’s Enterprise Agreement (EA) to gain access to current and emerging technologies that will help meet the agency’s goal of providing the best possible services to veterans through its 6,300 IT employees, 175 data centers, 400,000 desktop computers and more than 100,000 mobile devices.

As part of the comprehensive five-year EA, the VA will gain access to Windows 7, Windows Server 2012, Microsoft SQL Server 2012, Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Systems Center 2012 and much more.  Through this investment, it will gain the benefits of collaboration, mobility and data warehousing initiatives within a cost-effective framework. Most importantly, the EA provides the VA with the flexibility to best suit user needs while optimizing its IT spend. 

To see the whole story, check out the Microsoft New Center and get a sense of the value that the EA can provide.

For more details on the updated Enterprise Agreement from 2011, click here to download our whitepaper.

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