Schahin Group Cuts Licensing Costs, Gains Benefits Through Flexible Payment Solutions

One of the most challenging aspects of volume licensing could be dubbed the ‘Goldilocks’ challenge.  Which enterprise agreement or enrollment best suits a particular customer’s needs?  Which program offers the flexibility that an enterprise needs at a winning price?  Of the options available, which one is just right?

For Schahin Group, a Brazilian conglomerate active across multiple industries, temporary construction operations with fluctuating employee counts made finding the right licensing solution difficult. For years, Schahin had acquired licenses through OEM licenses or distributors, but it was paying a premium without the benefit of volume discounts or a direct relationship with Microsoft.

Adding to the complexity, Schahin was also looking to add new software and had the deployment of cloud services in mind.  It met with a Microsoft account manager to discuss the best possible licensing strategy. It selected a Microsoft Enterprise Subscription Agreement (ESA) that would decrease the firm’s initial cost by nearly a third, while also providing it with the flexibility to increase or decrease subscription counts each year.

 Schahin explored several vendor options to finance the software before selecting Microsoft Flexible Payment Solutions, which it chose for reasons of simplicity, speed and competitive rates, without requiring a hardware component.  The Microsoft payment solution proposal covered 100 percent of the software fees,  and Microsoft Services Premier Support to assist the firm’s deployment of Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 R2 and it’s anticipated deployment of Microsoft cloud services.  The annual cost was distributed over 36 monthly payments to better align to its cash flow.

The new Enterprise Subscription Agreement covers the components for cloud service development, hosting and management of a desktop upgrade.  Software Assurance benefits that were included in the agreement provided training vouchers that company engineers are using to get certified on Microsoft technologies, while MDOP is being used to streamline the upgrade to Windows 7 Enterprise and Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010.  And testing for Windows Azure –on-demand was underway to help Schahin Group centralize and manage data more efficiently.

Through Microsoft Payment Solutions, Schahin found just the right fit, saving approximately 40 percent per desktop on licenses, fixing costs for three years and preserving cash flow for other opportunities that will help it expand its business, all while gaining the ability to add or remove licenses as staff fluctuates.   If your organization is similarly interested in finding the perfect fit with flexible payment solutions, more information is available here.

Disclaimer: Microsoft works with 3rd party financing providers to offer world-class payment solutions to credit approved customers under the Microsoft Financing program.

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