Class is in Session at TechEd North America and On-line

New Microsoft Volume Licensing Training Tests and Approves Licensing Knowledge

If you’re an IT or procurement professional then we have news that will interest you: Microsoft is previewing a new training and accreditation program designed to beef up foundational licensing knowledge so that IT pros and procurement professionals can maximize their software investments.  

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Developed based on feedback from more than 80 executives worldwide who participate in our Volume Licensing Customer Advisory Board, we’ll preview the training starting June 1. You can read more about customer feedback channels and common themes Microsoft Volume Licensing is hearing from customers in a recent blog post, including that the transition to cloud solutions has introduced licensing complexity and a strong interest in cloud-ready licensing. 

Many of you are beginning the transition from on-premises software to the cloud and expect to manage hybrid environments for years to come.  There is a desire for more training to improve knowledge and understanding of licensing programs and solutions so that you can take full advantage of software investments.  Many of you also want to be recognized for the value you bring as a trusted advisor to the technology acquisition process in your organization.

You can get a head start on your journey to becoming a Microsoft Licensing Expert at TechEd North America 2012 and on-line at the Microsoft Virtual Academy by previewing the following courses and taking the associated assessment to test your knowledge: 

  • Licensing Programs Fundamentals includes training about the ways that Microsoft products can be licensed, various licensing programs available, Volume Licensing basics and an introduction to licensing terms and programs
  • Licensing the Private Cloud includes server management and virtualization, and migrating servers to third-party hosting companies.

When you complete the assessment, your personalized certificate is awarded noting your Licensing Expert status, (Congratulations Licensing Expert!).  TechEd North America attendees can also stop by the Microsoft Volume Licensing station in the Connect Zone to enter the Licensing Expert Sweepstakes and receive their Licensing Expert badge.

For those of you attending TechEd North America, plan to participate in the following sessions offered by Microsoft Volume Licensing:

  • Breakout Session: MGT203 Licensing your Public and Private Cloud with Office 365, Azure, SQL and System Center On June 11, 1:15 pm – 2:30 pm, Mark Croft will present on one of the challenges for organizations wanting to move to the public and private cloud -  learning how this will affect existing investments in software licensing. This session will review how Microsoft updated the Enterprise Agreement (EA) to protect existing investments while enabling customers to license a broad range of online services, spanning public, private and hybrid cloud scenarios.  It will cover recent licensing updates for SQL and System Center as well and offer a panel of licensing experts to answer specific licensing product or program questions.  
  • Workshop Session: MGT02-WRK Licensing your Virtualized Private Cloud with Windows Server and System Center On June 11, 4:45 pm- 6:00 pm, Bob Miksa and I will address customers who are implementing a private cloud to modernize the way business produces and consumes IT services can get clarity on Microsoft’s recent licensing changes and how they affect an environment.  This scenario-based workshop will address how to license a private cloud; including server management, virtualization and security, as well as migrating servers to third party hosting companies.  It also offers the opportunity to be among the first to preview the new Licensing Accreditation for IT and procurement professionals

If you’re not attending TechEd North America this year, you can take the training courses on-line at no cost through the Microsoft Virtual Academy.  When you pass a course, you can enter the Sweepstakes by email.

*Start benefiting from the program today:

  • Enter to win an Xbox 360 –For individuals from the U.S. and Canada, successfully complete preview courses at TechEd North America 2012 or through the Microsoft Virtual Academy between June 1 and June 30 and enter the Sweepstakes to win a Grand Prize.
  • Visit the ConnectZone —Find licensing experts to answer all of your licensing questions and get more information about the Microsoft Licensing Training and Accreditation program.
  • Mark your calendars, attend the Volume Licensing sessions —Learn about licensing for the public, private and hybrid cloud.

Stop by the ConnectZone at TechEd, or sign up via the Microsoft Virtual Academy and let us know how what you think.  Follow @Msft_VL  and the #TENA hashtag for all the latest.

*See Become a Microsoft Licensing Expert Even Sweepstakes Official Rules

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