Predictable Payments on the Path to Cloud

Many IT organizations are contemplating how to maintain and upgrade their assets on premises, while also investing wisely to support a strategic and cost-effective transition to cloud.  In today’s economy, reserving cash is a priority, and for many, financing to run, grow or transform an IT organization is a necessary consideration. 

Recently, one of Europe’s leading IT providers turned to Microsoft Financing in support of updated Volume Licensing through a Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Select Plus and Software Assurance.  Its goal:  reduce IT costs, increase efficiency, and enable a flexible approach to software deployment and rollout across operations in Europe and Asia. 

The customer, Steria, wanted to preserve cash resources, take advantage of Volume Licensing costs and ensure predictable payments aligned to the technology rollout and end-user benefits.   Steria also wanted the flexibility to move business productivity to the cloud in the near future.

Microsoft Financing played a key role in working with Steria to craft the best plan.  With Microsoft Financing, customers can schedule payments monthly, quarterly or annually.  Having served more than 7,000 customers over the past eight years, Microsoft Financing offers solutions for small, midsize and enterprise organizations.   

Making it easier to work with Microsoft is part of its mission.  Helping customers to take advantage of software, services, licensing or extended payment terms, Microsoft Financing is available from a diverse lender network in many countries around the world.  Interested in learning more?  Check out the new case study on Steria or visit the Microsoft News Center for additional detail.


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