Customers, Partners Respond to Microsoft VLSC Revamp

In August, we announced changes to the Volume Licensing Service Center (VLSC) would be made throughout the month.  In order to make sure that all our customers and partners take advantage of the new tools and resources, we’ve published an overview of the changes, tips on how to get started and several video demos to help make the change smoother.  And today, we’ve posted a “how-to” video for the VLSC available to MSDN subscribers here.   After all, we know that change is change, and change can be challenging.

Now that customers and partners have had a chance to get familiar with the site and to take advantage of the product downloads and product-key functionality, we wanted to share their response.

Following a brief period of adjustment while customers got their bearings and learned to access and navigate the newly revised site, we’re pleased to report that the transition seems to have been quick.  You may be interested to know:

  • Customers and partners are using the site to get the information they need at higher rates than before the updates;
  • The site is making it easier to access and match Product Keys;
  • Less assistance is needed to find select features and navigate assistance on the VLSC than before.

Some of our biggest fans tweeted to share their response to the new site, suggesting that whoever re-designed the Volume Licensing Service Center “deserves a hug and a raise,” and telling us they were “surprised and impressed” by the new VLSC.

If Twitter is reflective of the broader discussion, it’s fair to say that while some customers are extremely positive, others are more gradually adapting to the newly redesigned site.  We are considering all feedback and will continue to work on the VLSC to ensure it reflects our broader commitment to make licensing easier to manage with resources that offer greater transparency and discoverability.  

If you haven’t shared your impressions and feedback, please reach out to @MSFT_VL on Twitter, or add a comment below.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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