Customers Share Practical Guidance with Gartner ITAM Attendees

Earlier this week, nearly 25% of the 500 or so attendees listened in to the Microsoft Solution Provider Session at the Gartner ITAM Conference here in Orlando, Florida. We were honored to have two customer spokespeople participate in the hour long presentation entitled, “Best Practices for On Premises and Cloud Asset Management” helping make the session the best attended for the day.

The customer perspective shared by Dr. Joel Hartman, CIO and Vice Provost for IT and Resources for University of Central Florida and Kathy Porter, Manager, Vice President of IT Asset Management for U.S. Bank was invaluable in helping transform the theory of best practices into tangible, real world examples.

For Dr. Hartman and the University of Central Florida the consumerization of IT – an industry trend which continues to inform the evolution of Microsoft Volume Licensing programs – is at the center of the institution’s reality which needs to manage 140,000 devices connected across its network, approximately 20,000 of which the University owns. In addition the University network has over 80,000 registered endpoints and serves 20 college and center IT units.  Certainly a complex IT environment.

What works for the University of Central Florida is to ensure they have centralized IT leadership, procurement and record keeping while maintaining a decentralized function for decision making and funding.  To help support this strategy the University utilizes the Microsoft Campus Agreement to deliver 20 enrollments spanning 55 colleges and departments.  All license the standard desktop bundle consisting of Windows, Office and eCALs plus MDOP along with Server licenses and Software Assurance

Net benefits include consistent software versions in a decentralized environment, ease of migration to latest versions, three-year cost stability which helped save 50% through aggregated procurement and convenient online software distribution, documentation, and training. 

Read the full UCF case study > HERE

In addition to Volume Licensing, best practices related to IT Asset Management (ITAM) were shared by Kathy Porter, Vice President, Manager, IT Asset Management for U.S. Bank. Porter walked the audience through her experience in determining the critical steps needed to establish a strategic ITAM practice. Since its inception in 2005, U.S. Bank’s ITAM practice has perfected its recipe for success based on a set of clear, sequential steps. Moving from one objective to the next, U.S. Bank established policies and processes, built a repository, performed gap analysis, reconciled position, introduced maintenance, began educating stakeholders, shifted to managing the invested resources to then achieve demonstrative results.

Over time the ITAM practice moved from initial focus of centralized management of workstation software licensing to a mature organizational function covering software asset management, hardware asset management as well as enterprise wide deployments.  Today, the department saves U.S. Bank over $6 million dollars annually.

Per Ms. Porter’s recount to the audience, Microsoft’s Software Asset Management (SAM) Services team was integral to providing guidance and tools to create the successful practice they have in place today.  

For all customers, the vision for Microsoft’s SAM team is to deliver to customers the methodology they need to optimize their SAM practices and realize maximum value from their software investments, manage changes in technology, improve their
competitive advantage, and reduce their legal and financial risks.

Per U.S. Bank’s experience, engaging with the SAM team provided guidance, tools and resources which helped them gain a head start on building best practices for software asset management, as well as access to highly trained, qualified SAM
partners to achieve their goals.

In the near future, we’ll take a closer look at how the SAM team is expanding upon its market experience and delivering new services to customers.  Below are a handful of links to useful resources related to software asset management.

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