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Posted by Joe Matz
Corporate Vice President, Worldwide Licensing and Pricing, Microsoft

Acquiring software licenses for multiple users and systems at once within an organization makes it easier and more affordable. In short, that’s volume licensing, and this blog is dedicated to discussing, exploring and demystifying what it’s all about so our customers can get on with business, equipped with the best tools and services to succeed.

By acquiring software licenses through Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) programs, you not only benefit from the number of users and systems outfitted, but you can often save costs typically associated with shrink-wrapped boxes, physical media (CD-ROM or DVD), printed consumer users’ guides, shipping, and other costs. Volume licensing also provides customized purchasing options and improved software management.

In today’s business environment, buying for users and systems “within an organization” no longer means just those within the physical structure of an office building or campus. In fact, we are in the midst of a significant transformation in how business gets done. Organizational IT infrastructures now include remote workforces, virtualized and cloud computing capacities, mobile device users and a growing list of other platforms and technologies, such as integrated consumer and workplace communications.

Volume Licensing Solutions for the New Business Environment

Microsoft Volume Licensing (VL) reflects today’s options with software allocation and management that fully enables business-wherever it takes place. For example, recently-announced license mobility allows customers to explore and move from on-premises to cloud computing on their terms and at their own pace with licensing that applies to either or both environments. Revised Product Use Rights (PUR), Enrollment for Education Services, Core CAL changes and updates to the cornerstone Enterprise Agreement are other examples of how Microsoft Licensing enables business.

In addition to licensing models, the Worldwide Licensing and Pricing (WWLP) group enables affordable, predictable and strategic financing that preserves existing capital through Microsoft Financing, which is dedicated to making it easier to purchase Microsoft products under VL programs. For many organizations, it just makes sense to pay for licensing over time, in much the same way some licenses are consumed.

Topics like these can be complex and deserve a home for conversation, questions and feedback. With this intention, we are delighted to introduce the WWLP blog to connect with you, understand more about your needs, answer your questions and, most importantly, listen – listen to learn how we can better enable business for you and your customers.

Follow us during TechEd North America Conference

The conversation continues at the TechEd North America conference, where we will share several key programs developed after listening and implementing changes based on input as to how you want to use Microsoft’s business solutions. Take a look at other posts during TechEd, and after the conference we’ll keep the conversation going here on the Microsoft Volume Licensing Blog long after the last session has wrapped up.

What You Can Expect From the Microsoft Volume Licensing Blog

We’ll share updates and insights regarding the various licensing programs, benefits and plans that Microsoft Volume Licensing offers as well as customer and partner stories and responses to common questions we’re hearing. Happily you’ll not only see commentary from me, but also from a broad range of colleagues who are experts across a wide range of subjects related to licensing and pricing.

Our goal is to learn from you. We want to know what questions you have, and how you utilize our licensing programs in your business and IT planning. Bottom-line? We are committed to helping you succeed through the most cost-effective and best-suited solution for your business.

So, join the conversation and tell us your story; we’re listening/learning from you so that we can improve our processes, products, and relationships with you, our customer.

You can also leave a comment on this post, email us or connect with us on Twitter @MSFT_VL


Comments (6)

  1. Bruce McRitchie says:

    I am building a business case for a small growing business to switch from OEM to one of the volume agreements. I am working through a partner, but to date they have not been able to provide some basic information to help me build the business case.

    Can you, or someone in your group help me get started with the business case. For example what does the licensing for windows office, Visio, and project cost when purchased as OEM and when purchased under a volume agreement. Obviously you can make whatever assumptions are necessary, I just need to get a starting point. We are also going to include exchange, share point, and SQL Server.

    In Microsoft terms, the desktop volumes are small in the next couple of years we will make it to 250, however I still need to make the business case.

    Any help or guidance that you can provide is appreciated. I am looking to receive approval for the volume agreement next Wednesday, June 15 obviously to executed before the end of June.

    Any help or guidance is appreciated.

    Bruce McRitchie


  2. ms-licensing says:

    Hi Bruce – thanks for your comment.  (disclosure) this is Steve from WWLP marketing group replying.  

    I’ve asked around and based on your comment a good place to start would be to check out the Open Value Subscription which you can find HERE >>


    In addition a great tool to check out is the Microsoft License Advisor which gives you a few fields to drop in details of the products you’re looking to license, quantities, etc. and it’ll spit out a quote.


    The thing we can’t really help with is the comparison of cost – because partners, including OEM, set their own cost, but LicenseWise should give you ballpark figures (as I understand it)…


    I hope this provides you some clarity regarding options. Good luck with your pitch to management.

  3. robert howell says:

    Is there a date that Windows Thin PC licenses will be available on our volume licensing site?  The last I heard was maybe around the first of Sept.

  4. Olukayode Olabanji says:

    We have a Microsoft customer that is interested in moving away from open license to EA or Select Plus. they have affiliates with over 10,000 users. Management does not have much money to pay even if payment is prorated as in EA. they have some XP systems they want to migrate to win7 and migrate some non-outlook client to Outlook. Traditionally they are used to buying licenses piecemeal as departments demand/request for them. Major concern they don’t have millions of dollars to spend. we want to know if cloud license is cheaper than on-premise equivalent in EA or Select Plus. Which licensing option is good for this cash-crunched customer who desires to move away from open license to a truly enterprise licensing and yet does not want have much budget?

  5. xiaojun says:

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  6. Lucy says:

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