Part I – OMS and Operations Manager Better Together–Sample Azure IaaS Dashboard

  You have probably heard about  Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) . OMS  is the all-in-one hybrid cloud management solution for any enterprise to manage their workloads and applications on Azure or AWS, Windows Server or Linux, VMware or OpenStack . For details pls check  Microsoft OMS OMS is an all in one solution  which…


SQL Deadlock Monitor with Meaningful Alert Details

  SQL Management Pack  offers extensive monitoring capabilities for monitoring SQL workloads.  You need to use the Operations Manager console to utilize the  full range of capabilities. When I visit   some customers I realize that  DBA’s not always have access to the OpsMgr console and they receive alert notifications  mostly by email. If you check…


Back to Basics Diagnostic Tasks Which Process is Consuming the Memory and CPU

  One of the most common scenarios while monitoring the servers are monitoring  CPU and Memory.  We have default monitors in OS MP   which checks  the total processor utilization and Available MBs of memory.  These 2 are key  performance counters when we start troubleshooting any performance  related issue on servers.   On of the challenges…


How to fix the Health Rollup Problem in Distributed Applications with Exchange 2013 Health Sets

  While working with a customer  we tried to create a distributed application for their Exchange 2013 environment. Plan was to create distributed apps for Customer Touch Points and for Key dependencies then configure Service Level Tracking. But no matter what we do distributed application did not rollup the health of the exchange health set….