Monitoring Lync Active User Count with Operations Manager


For monitoring Lync we  have  a solid MP with strong capabilities.  We have capability to monitor core components  and by using Lync watcher nodes we can  simulate user  experience.   One key piece of information I found    missing in the MP is  the  number of users connected to front ends server at given  point in time. Most customers uses such counters to measure  how the service being consumed, which different endpoints being used etc.


Lync stores the user information in    RTCDYN  database  of Lync  in frontend servers.There are various scripts/queries to collect this information. Here I’ve used  the script sample from  Pat Richard (  and  converted it to  feed data  to Operations Manager using  property bags .


After you start collecting this from Front End servers  then you can visualize  it using  Performance Widget, Object Detail Widget or in a performance report.


Update  ( 26/07/2015):

I have fixed the    wrong folder references and uploaded the MP again.

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  1. fd says:

    hi, I can’t download the zip file.

  2. Volkan says:

    just tried and it downloads without any problem

  3. Alexandr says:

    When I try to install MP, I get the following error:
    Microsoft.Lync.2013.Extensions could not be imported.
    If any management packs in the Import list are dependent on this management pack, the installation of the dependent management packs will fail.
    Cannot resolve identifier Exc15!Microsoft.Exchange.15.RootFolder in the context of management pack Microsoft.Lync.2013.Extensions. Unknown alias: Exc15

    MPs Microsoft.Exchange.15.Custom.Extension and Microsoft Exchange Server 2013 Monitoring already installed. What am i doing wrong?

  4. Alexandr , you can download the new MP , I have fixed the wrong folder reference. Thanks for pointing out.

  5. Fursel says:

    Thanks for the MP it nicely show us the info but when I tried to add the Windows Phone clients I don’t get the results for it. Any chance for help ?

  6. When you open a performance view for a Lync FE server in Scom do you see Microsoft Lync Phone Clients in the list ?

    Script running on the background categorizes the clients into these :

    Lync Users/total
    Lync Users/Unique
    Lync Users/Microsoft Lync Clients
    Lync Users/Microsoft Lync Phone Clients
    Lync Users/AndroidClients
    Lync Users/iPhoneClients
    Lync Users/IPPhone
    Lync Users/Other

    Here Lync Users/Microsoft Lync Phone Clients is the Windows Phone Clients . Do you see this counter collected on the FE Server ?

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