Fast Search 2010 – While running ‘get-FASTSearchSettingGroup’ command, Getting error: “Failed to communicate with the WCF service.”

For one of my Premier 'FAST search for SharePoint 2010' customers, 'get-FASTSearchSettingGroup' command was throwing an error.

Here are details of the issue and it’s resolution:



When running PowerShell command : "Get-FASTSearchSettingGroup" in order to update a bestbets file, getting an error: "Failed to communicate with the WCF service."


FAST administration app pool account's password was changed so it had to be updated manually in the App pool identity.


· We went to IIS manager and  found that the Fast Administration app pool was stopped.
· We manually started it.
· Then went to FAST PowerShell again and ran the command get-FASTSearchSettingGroup which returned the same error.
· Checked that the FAST administration site App pool got stopped again.
· We suspected that the app pool identity was not updated when the password might have been changed for the account.
· Went to app pool and updated App pool credentials with new password.
· Then ran the same PowerShell command and it worked this time.


I Hope that helps! Happy searching !!

Comments (2)

  1. PaulJ says:

    I have a few points to make:
    1. get-FASTSearchSettingGroup should be get-FASTSearchSearchSettingGroup and
    2 If the FastSearch Search settings group is missing it is automatically created by launching the page /_layouts/contextualkeywordmanagement.aspx
    3. Ensure the SPAppPool account and fast admin are members of the FAST server local group FASTSearchKeywordAdministrators, if this group is missing then create it.

    1. VivekMSFT says:

      Great points Paul, Thank you !!

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