Application Virtualization (App-V) Video Series

Learn how to configure App-V; create, publish, and update virtual applications; and create and manage policies for virtual applications. Check out these range of videos to help you go from zero to hero here AppLocker is a new feature of Windows7 that allows administrators to define policies that can allow or deny a user’s ability…


How Do I Develop V12N-Friendly Apps?

There was a great video I came across on Channel 9. It was a session that John and Elsie did at PDC recently. One of the bits I really enjoined was at 31:20 in the video. Its a section in the presentation thats called “How Do I Develop V12N-Friendly Apps?” Why is this important? well…


Microsoft Virtualization Overview

For the peps out there looking for a nice briefing video overview of our strategy you or your colleagues can huddle round your desk and view one of the following two videos: 12 Minute Overview - 35 Minute Overview – Mike Peers and Matt McSpirit take us on a tour from Datacenter to…


Swype’s new keyboard technology

   Very interesting new input technology for touch screens.  I have always struggled with tapping out on a touch screen interface.  This technology could be the answer for me.     I would love to see this on PPC devices!   That’s all for now! Duane  


Interesting Interviews from ITForum

Whilst I was hard at work over on the Windows Server 2008 stand’s or as a friend said to me, I was “working hard but hardly working” and sent me the photo to prove it!!! Yikes! Just to let you know I throttled Edwin Yuen SCVMM Product Manager on Guitar Hero’s…… however Virtual Tennis 3…


Windows Server 2008 RC1 With Hyper-V Beta Now Available

You have got to see this! I mean its very very cool. Jeff posted up on the Virtualization site some great video and to add they posted some video’s on Hyper-V. Get downloading  this and playing with the product HERE. —————————————- Greetings! Jeff Woolsey here from the virtualization team. We have some big news today!…


SoftGrid TechEd 2007 Videos!

So as you know I had a great time out at TechEd 2007 on the Windows Server 2008 Demo Booths (Yellow TLC Area). However there was some great SoftGrid Sessions that were run. Some of the videos that were captures are fantastic! These two are some great videos around SoftGrid. One of these is a customer…


Windows Server Virtualization Videos from Teched 2007!

 So I will be posting some great Virtualization Video’s from TechEd 2007 over the next couple of days! These were two great Videos around Windows Server Virtualization (Which had more people hitting these stands than you could shake a stick at!). These Video’s are here to help dismiss some of the myths around the Windows…


Learning Microsoft SoftGrid Blogcast Series

So I saw this little set of nuggets that Brian Tucker has been really good to sit down and come up with for deploying SoftGrid from Scratch. Its a really nice quick introduction for the die hard SMS man! So hats of to Brian for starting to become a good convert to the cause! Brian…


Citrix Ardence – Virtualisation but not as we know it!

One of the great things about coming to TechEd (Which is where I currently am!) is seeing some great new technologies from the field. I remember looking into this product before Citrix came along and purchased the organisation. If you don’t know what I am talking about…its “Ardence”. The product streams full rich featured Operation…