Creating Virtual Application Packages with Microsoft Server Application Virtualization Sequencer

Server App-V’s very own Emre Kanlikilicer recently posted a great introductory article on creating packages using the Server App-V Sequencer: Microsoft SCVMM 2012 can manage Microsoft Server Application Virtualization (Server App-V) packages. In this blog post, we are going to explain what a Server App-V package means and how we can create Server App-V packages…


Welcome to Server Application Virtualization

Easy as pie. Like taking candy from a baby. A walk in the park. Like shooting fish in a barrel. You hear those phrases all the time. But how often do you hear them applied to installing server applications in a datacenter? Sure, maybe you have some web app that’s easy to set up, but…


Updated Virtualization IPD Guides— Now Available

Windows Server Virtualization System Center Virtual Machine Manager The Infrastructure Planning and Design team has released two updated virtualization guides, Windows Server Virtualization and System Center Virtual Machine Manager, now available for download here. Introduction These guides, updated to reflect the features and functionalities of Windows Server® 2008 R2 and System Center Virtual Machine Manager…


How Microsoft Does IT – Deploying Virtual Machines using Hyper-V

Again another great set of materials showing how we do Virtualisation and the potential value of this technology.  Microsoft IT virtually deploys more than 80% of new servers using Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. To ensure optimal performance, Microsoft IT has developed configuration best practices, based on the application workloads or services being provided by the…


SCVMM 2008 R2 Beta available on Connect

Well there’s a new beta in town. Feels like we are shipping thick and fast these days on many different products! But this one is a product I like very much and the reason for that is this is where the hardware virtualization battle is being thought on the front line! With the best management…


TechNet Webcasts for System Center Virtual Machine Manager

A great set up resources for you to enjoy. Building on Your Existing Virtual Environment (Level 300) In this webcast, we look at how to use Hyper-V and Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 to manage virtual environments and migrate to an environment based on Hyper-V. Consolidation and Rapid Provisioning (Level 300) Learn how…


IT Management Community Hub is Live on TechNet

The new Microsoft TechNet IT Management Community Hub is ready for you to participate. Connect, find resources, and get the information you need. Check out webcasts and podcasts from industry leaders, blogs by subject matter experts, community forums and more. And that’s just the beginning.


Free Virtualization E-Learning Collection Available

This free e-learning collection of four clinics offers a comprehensive introduction to Hyper-V and Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008, System Centre Virtual Machine Manager 2008, and Microsoft Application Virtualization. Click here to learn more Summary Collection 6333: Exploring Microsoft Virtualization Technologies Overview This collection of three 2-hour online clinics and an 1-hour online clinic…


TS: MS System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 Config – 71-403

I love challenges! However some challenges are more interesting than others! If you don’t remember my PFE buddy Dr Thomas decided to set me a challenge to pass the SCVMM Beta! Well I got an email from this blog from “Abdullah” who said they had there exam results (and passed!) ! hmmmmmmmmmmm I was curious!…


SCVMM 2007 Interesting Clear Up for Database

One of mine and Duanes good friends is a PFE engineer called Richard Diver (lovingly know to us as Dicky Diver!) He has been working on a number of issues with some of his customers around SCVMM. Well he came across a great little workaround to an issue; ————————————— Here’s the situation: Following several deployments…