How to Download the App-V 4.6 Beta

So you have heard lots about it! and you are so eager to get going and playing with the 4.6 Beta. And trust me its well worth it. 4.6 is awesome even in beta and playing with the Beta is a good way to get you and your organisation ahead of the game! So how…


App-V 4.6 Public Beta now available for download

Wow oh wow!! Big news! Huge News!!! The MDOP product team just announced the immediate availability of the Microsoft App-V 4.6 beta, the first version to not only support 64-bit clients but also the virtualization of true 64-bit applications: Today, I am happy to announce immediate availability of Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) 4.6 Beta.  At…


SCVMM 2008 R2 Beta available on Connect

Well there’s a new beta in town. Feels like we are shipping thick and fast these days on many different products! But this one is a product I like very much and the reason for that is this is where the hardware virtualization battle is being thought on the front line! With the best management…


Get your applications virtualized on Windows 7 Beta with Microsoft App-V

Wow and what an end to the week from the MDOP team! They just blew it away today announcing Win7 Beta usage for App-V and App-V 4.6!!!! The Announcement was as follows…… Today I’d like to share with you the immediate availability of Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) for use with the Windows 7 Beta and…


Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V) Beta is publicly available

Oh yes its true! this has been a subject that i have been desperate to get talking about “but” it was just not out to the public yet! Now over on the mdop blog we can finally look to start talking about just how this technology will help you and how you should be deploying…


SCCM SP1 R2 Release Candidate is out!!!

The System Center Configuration Manager team would like to announce that the following has been released and available for download: R2 Release Candidate build 6335 Get on and download it today (All the lovely App-V 4.5 RC integration is there!!! HTTP streaming come on!!!!!) …….. 16/07/08 Updated with Correct picture :o)


App-V 4.5 RC Documentation

One of the nicest things and probably one of the least acknowledge piece of any product is the documentation! The Team have done a great job of compiling all the little bits of knowledge in to a seriously good Deployment Guide .chm! The guides are full of information and command line options for what you…


Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 Release Candidate is Now Available!!

Andrew just posted this also on the App-V site that gives more info on the latest RC build! ————————————————————– The Microsoft Application Virtualization team is very excited to announce that our version 4.5 Release Candidate is now available! We’ve been working incredibly hard since the Beta release to bring you the best version of the…


Guess what's on Connect.... App-V 4.5 RC

Get on line and log in and download the latest version of application virtualization 4.5 RC!!!! So lets all get playing and get posting! the latest release is awesome and I really like the new sequencer look and feel!!! This is up on if you have not signed up for it before look at…