App-V 5.0 – Error: Virtual Fonts subsystem failure on first launch

Hi all, I’ve been seeing the following error a few times with my own packages so I thought it was time to figure out what the issue is. If you check the event log a more descriptive error is available, and it states the following: Process 18672 failed to start due to Virtual Fonts subsystem…


App-V error code 06-0000000E Explained

Hi all, Recently I’ve been onsite with a few customers and the following App-V error keeps occurring when a user tries to launch an App-V application. Research If you search on the internet you will find the following KB that we (Microsoft) provide to our customers to troubleshoot this message. Error message in the Microsoft…


App-V 5.0 – Convert Legacy Packages to the new file format

Hi all, In a previous post we showed how easy it is to test App-V legacy packages, now we’re going to convert automatically these packages to the new App-V 5.0 format. To complete this we’re going to use the “ConvertFrom-AppvLegacyPackage” cmdlet from the App-V 5.0 Beta 2 release. ConvertFrom-AppvLegacyPackage Converts each package to the…


Isolation and State Separation

Isolation and State Separation are two very important concepts in the world of application virtualization, but we throw those terms around a lot without really explaining what we mean by them. I’m going to attempt to explain what those concepts mean to us and the roles they play with application virtualization. I will dive pretty…


Welcome to Server Application Virtualization

Easy as pie. Like taking candy from a baby. A walk in the park. Like shooting fish in a barrel. You hear those phrases all the time. But how often do you hear them applied to installing server applications in a datacenter? Sure, maybe you have some web app that’s easy to set up, but…


App-V FAQ #24: Can I use Active Upgrade without RTSP(S)?

One of the FAQ series blog was a post I did on Active Upgrade. The last year was an unbelievable year from a work commitment perspective so my blogging went to zero and did little bit here and there. So i wanted to repost the post i sent over. This terminology is a little confusing….


Application Virtualization Explorer – Released

I have been meaning to blog about this for ages. Kalle released me a version of AVE in alpha and again in Beta, and i just never got around to finishing my blog post on it……  :o( The tool however is fab! I as well as a number of my community buddies have been loving…


App-V with Microsoft Office 2010 (Deployment Kit and Recipe/PoC)

The Office 2010 deployment kit, recipe, and PoC Package are now available.  I love my sequenced version of office 2010, i have been using it as a sequenced application since the Beta and love the performance, reliability and my ability to DSC plugins into the environment. If you have not given it a try than…


App-V Sequencing SuperFlow

Yesterday on Microsoft Download the product team released the App-V Sequencing Superflow. The Sequencing Superflow is an interactive content model provides a structured and interactive interface for viewing documentation. Each SuperFlow includes comprehensive information about a specific dataflow, workflow, or process. Depending on the focus of the SuperFlow, you will find overview information, steps that…


App-V 4.6 Hotfix 1 available on request

Sebastian pinged me again to let me know that App-V 4.6 Hotfix 1 is now available on Request from Microsoft Support. The following Problems are addressed in this Fix: If you publish a package global, but the same package was already published locally on the Client, you see that the Icons are not displayed correctly….