Disk2vhd Released!

Now this is a cool tool that gave me some massive loving recently. I was in a situation that i needed to repro a customer issue and wanted to take it away with me for further testing, obviously i could not take there PC ……. or could i :o) Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell have…


How Do I Develop V12N-Friendly Apps?

There was a great video I came across on Channel 9. It was a session that John and Elsie did at PDC recently. One of the bits I really enjoined was at 31:20 in the video. Its a section in the presentation thats called “How Do I Develop V12N-Friendly Apps?” Why is this important? well…


How Microsoft Does IT – Deploying Virtual Machines using Hyper-V

Again another great set of materials showing how we do Virtualisation and the potential value of this technology.  Microsoft IT virtually deploys more than 80% of new servers using Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. To ensure optimal performance, Microsoft IT has developed configuration best practices, based on the application workloads or services being provided by the…


IT Management Community Hub is Live on TechNet

The new Microsoft TechNet IT Management Community Hub is ready for you to participate. Connect, find resources, and get the information you need. Check out webcasts and podcasts from industry leaders, blogs by subject matter experts, community forums and more. And that’s just the beginning.


Get Virtual Now?!

Now in case you have not heard there is a big event going on soon! The theme of the event is “Get Virtual Now” (Monday’s (Sept. 8) virtualization event in Bellevue) – translation, with Microsoft software and partner solutions, customers can virtualize from the datacenter to the desktop, and manage those IT assets with the same…


Using BitLocker under Virtual PC / Virtual Server

I was giving a presentation the other day about SCVMM and our experiences. In the conversation a question was brought up “can you use Bitlocker in a Virtual Environment”. Ben Armstrong wrote a nice little article on just how you do this. Up until recently, I thought it was impossible to use BitLocker drive encryption…


Rakesh Malhotra gets blogging with the best of us!

Currently I am running from one side of Europe to the other so getting time to blog has been difficult! This week was Sweden and next week Edinburgh for a Premier day. But I wanted to take a quick moment when I spotted this news. So for those that don’t know Rakesh Malhotra is a…


Microsoft Server Virtualization Calculator demo

If you don’t by licence’s or have no interest in them, then this article probably is not going to be one for you to read…… 🙁   However for the rest of you that carried on reading, I wanted to put up another demo on a handy tool that can show you the cost advantages of…


SoftGrid Guides and Documents

So there is some great SoftGrid Documentation and Guides up on download @ microsoft . The guides have some great value add information to help you get going on your deployments. The SoftGrid Product Team will have a KB coming out soon to talk about the download. http://download.microsoft.com/download/C/7/D/C7DCA0EB-3F2F-4606-B867-1EA91DB643B2/SoftGrid_v4.x_Documentation.exe   The documents are from the softricity…


Who’s using what app!?

So sometimes you may want to sanity check who is using what application or Who has an application open and running. We can do this by using the SQL data; Open SQL Enterprise manager. Now expand the SoftGrid database.Expand the tables. Right-click on the “APPLICATION_USAGE” table, and select “Open Table” then “Return all rows”.Scroll to the…