Deploying Windows XP Mode

If you a large enterprise than you probably already using and testing MED-V …. however for the small operations who may well not have MDOP and have compatibility issues with applications from XP to Win7 need a solution….. Drum roll please….. welcome Windows XP Mode (so this is not too ground breaking!) But the value…


Disk2vhd Released!

Now this is a cool tool that gave me some massive loving recently. I was in a situation that i needed to repro a customer issue and wanted to take it away with me for further testing, obviously i could not take there PC ……. or could i :o) Mark Russinovich and Bryce Cogswell have…


Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode Team Blog

There’s a new blog in town! The Windows Virtual PC and Windows XP Mode team have created a blog to assist in understanding some of the work that goes on in the product! They have just posted a great article around Windows Virtual PC…… Windows® Virtual PC (WVPC) is a client virtualization software, which can…


Windows XP mode for Windows 7

The announcement of Windows XP mode caused a lot of excitement, in this screen cast we have a look at how it is setup up, what users see and get an idea of what it can do. Download XP Mode for Windows 7.


Windows XP Mode Beta for Windows 7 - Available

Hopefully you have been able to get and install Windows 7 RC.  If not I think we killed the internet yesterday due to demand certainly MSDN. What’s next?  from an Application Compatibility and Virtualisation perspective I will be taking a look at the recently announced Windows XP Mode for Windows 7. The great news is…


How Microsoft Does IT – Deploying Virtual Machines using Hyper-V

Again another great set of materials showing how we do Virtualisation and the potential value of this technology.  Microsoft IT virtually deploys more than 80% of new servers using Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V. To ensure optimal performance, Microsoft IT has developed configuration best practices, based on the application workloads or services being provided by the…


SuperSite for Windows - Paul Thurrott

I read a number of blog’s, one of which is Paul Thurrott.  He is the founder of the The SuperSite for Windows. If you have a lengthy drive to work and need to kill that time I would recommend subscribing to this weekly PodCast and listening on your Zune 🙂 or generic MP3 device.  I…


Microsoft to Expand Investment in Desktop Virtualization With Acquisition of Kidaro

We have just announced the Acquisition of "Kidaro" an interesting technology that I have yet to get my hands on.  I know that both Justin and myself cant wait to see how this works and functions.  The deployment of Kidaro will be a component of the Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack.  Kidaro builds on the value…


Virtual Server and Virtual PC get a bit of an update!

I use both of these application day in and day out. So when these updates products get an update to support new guest with service packs than you just gotta get the update! Virtual PC 2007 SP1 Download: Release notes: Details: Virtual PC 2007 SP1 adds support for Windows Vista SP1 and Windows…