ARCast.TV – Enabling Web Slices on Your Web Site

Web Slices What? How? Part 2. of the series explains how to enable Web Slices on your web sites.  another great screen cast from Dr Z. Web Slices are a new IE8 feature that allows users to subscribe to some parts of a web page and receive updates automatically. In this screen cast, Zhiming Xue…


ARCast.TV – Enabling Accelerators on Your Web Site

Really loving Accelerators one of the cool new features of IE 8.  However how do you create them? here is how!. A great screen cast from Dr Z. Accelerators are a new IE8 feature that enables users to find and access information without leaving the web page. In this screen cast, Zhiming Xue (Dr. “Z”),…


IE 8 – Go get it

Its here! One of the many announcements at mix09.  You have just to love this video and go get IE 8 now. Video: IE8 Net History Internet Explorer 8: Sizzle


Are you ready for MIX 09?

Is MIX time again all, for those are you that are going have fun.  I am very jealous.  For those of you who are not, and not sure what it is then read on. At MIX09, you’ll get in-depth exposure to exciting new Microsoft technologies, exchange ideas with fellow developers and designers, meet the industry’s…


IE8 Reliability Update for Windows 7 Beta Now Available

      I have just been prompted that an update is available for Windows 7 beta, on inspection I find its an update for IE.  To be honest, the IE experience in Windows 7 Beta has been ok, I have suffered from the occasional hang, explorer stop responding and indeed have killed the explorer…


Internet Explorer 8 – RC1 Get it!

It’s here IE 8 – RC1, want to a performance boost in your browsing experience? want to reduce the “cut & paste” effort in finding new sites and services? while install IE 8 – RC1 and get a new browsing experience. Some of the key features are: Accelerators Accelerators let you map directions, translate words,…