Application Virtualization (App-V) Video Series

Learn how to configure App-V; create, publish, and update virtual applications; and create and manage policies for virtual applications. Check out these range of videos to help you go from zero to hero here AppLocker is a new feature of Windows7 that allows administrators to define policies that can allow or deny a user’s ability…


Beta 4.5 – John Sheehan / Microsoft App-V 4.5 Features

I stumbled across this today! Its a cool little video of John Sheehan TechEd giving a break down of all the great 4.5 Beta Features! If you have never had the time to play with 4.5 than this Video may suite you better as it gives you a great overview without you having to do…


Updated SoftGrid tools by Login Consultants now available!

Patrick are top TSP over in EMEA pinged me a minute ago to say that Login Consultants have updated some of there tools! Login Consultants releases updated versions of the SoftGrid OSD Editor and SoftGrid Migration Tool to support the upcoming version of Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 (formely SoftGrid) which is now still in beta….


SFT Explorer 1.3 (Updated)

Ow ow ow now this is cool! My boy Kalle got busy and updated the SFT Explorer tool to now handle DSC (Dynamic Suite Composition) ……. this can be brilliant when you want to look or pre plan for how a package may look when a primary and secondary application are joined! Get the update…


Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC)

One of our great team posted some information to the Technet Forum. A question was asked around contexting, which Lidiane (Lead PM) and Matt responded too. I have grabbed the main chucks of information around Dynamic Suite Composition (DSC) but you should read the whole thread!   The “contexting” feature we introduced in SoftGrid 4.5…