How Do I Develop V12N-Friendly Apps?

There was a great video I came across on Channel 9. It was a session that John and Elsie did at PDC recently. One of the bits I really enjoined was at 31:20 in the video. Its a section in the presentation thats called “How Do I Develop V12N-Friendly Apps?” Why is this important? well…


Microsoft Architect Insight Conference 2009

Understand how to view today’s market as an opportunity – make sure you attend the Architect Insight Conference. The fourth annual Microsoft Architect Insight Conference will be taking place on the 8th May 2009 at Microsoft, London. The format of the Architect Insight Conference in 2009 has changed to reflect the challenging business environment that…


John Sheehan: Architecture and Engineering of Microsoft Application Virtualization (AppVirt) - Goes Deep!

So back a while back we spoke around John Sheehan looking inside App-V. Since than John has done a further update where he goes further into the topic! You can watch this here; Duration: 58:31 John Sheehan, Architect of Microsoft’s AppVirt (SoftGrid) technology, spends some time with Channel 9 digging (deeply) into the architecture and…


How far will you take virtual

We Launch a new campaign around Virtualisation, powered by Microsoft Siliverlight.  Get a refreshing new take on Microsoft Virtualisation, watch video’ and read case study of the impact that Virtualisation could have to you and your business.  Visit and check it out. 


Microsoft Virtualization User Group - January 2009 Meeting (MS Victoria)

In case you are not aware, the MVUG January 2009 meeting is coming around on the on the 29th January 2009, this time at the Microsoft offices at Victoria, London ( Once again, some really exciting sessions, we will start off with two real-world presentations from our community members, one on Hyper-V and the other…


20-Part Webcast Series on Microsoft Virtualization Solutions

Yung Chou an IT Pro Evangelist has recently posted a 20 part webcast series on MS Virtualization solution. I have nab the links to the webcasts so that you can all sign up. In Yung words…… Our team of IT Pro Evangelists including: Kevin Remde, Matt Hester, Chris Avis, Chris Henley, and Yung Chou is…


PFE Hyper-V Ops Day – October

We ran a Hyper-V day at the end of October, and collated a series of useful links and best practice guidance. Well here we go: Architecture Informal Hyper-V Architecture Disucssions Guest Operating System Support Disk Performance Configuring Virtual Networks Backing up Hyper-V Server Core Server Core…


October Technet Magazine – Virtualization

The October version of TechNet Magazine is now posted online and contains an article focused on App-V.  This is a great introduction to the product and you should have a look if you want to get a high-level overview. The October 2008 issue of TechNet Magazine is now available online. And it’s all about Virtualization….


Part 7 : Installing the RC App-V on the client

This continues from Part 6. Ok Here is the topology we are following; Now I have installed a default installation of Windows Vista Enterprise Edition on my 2nd Virtual PC and joined it to the appv.internal domain. All I want to do is get the client installed and test the streaming functionality from my client…