How to collect App-V 5.0 debug traces

GrayAndYellowGears5Hi all! This is Vladimir from the App-V team and today I want to show you how to collect App-V 5.0 server ETL traces. These ETL traces can be helpful in certain troubleshooting scenarios and the steps below show you how to collect them from the App-V 5.0 Management, Publishing and Reporting servers.

1. First we need to register what kind of ETL traces we want to collect. There are 7 different ETL streams available and to collect them all in the same trace we can type the following at an elevated command prompt on the App-V 5.0 Management/Publishing/Reporting server:

Logman create trace APPV5 -p Microsoft-AppV-PolicyLibrary -o appv.etl

Logman update trace APPV5 -p Microsoft-AppV-Server-Management        

Logman update trace APPV5 -p Microsoft-AppV-Server-Management-Private

Logman update trace APPV5 -p Microsoft-AppV-Server-Publishing       

Logman update trace APPV5 -p Microsoft-AppV-Server-Publishing-Private

Logman update trace APPV5 -p Microsoft-AppV-Server-Reporting         

Logman update trace APPV5 -p Microsoft-AppV-Server-Reporting-Private 


2. We then need to start the trace by running the following command:

Logman start APPV5

3. Now reproduce the issue.

4. Once the issue is reproduced, we need to stop the trace using this command:

Logman stop APPV5

5. Next we need to find out where the ETL file was created by using this command:

Logman query APPV5| find /I "ETL"

6. Finally, we can convert the ETL file into a TXT file using the following:

Netsh trace convert APPV_<RANDOM>.ETL

An example of this is below:


Note that you can also view more detailed App-V 5.0 server event logs by checking “Show Analytic and Debug Log” in the Event Viewer:


I hope that you found this information useful. See you soon!

Vladimir Petrosyan | Support Escalation Engineer | Management and Security Division

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