How To Publish The Same 5.0 Package To Multiple Groups And With Different Apps

Today we have a guest post from my counterpart in Boston Ryan Cobb. Ryan will also be joining our blogging team to give you some great insight into App-V 5.x.



Hi all,

I was onsite the other day with a customer and they asked me about the following scenario:

They had already downloaded the Office 2013 beta and had already setup a test App-V 5.0 Beta 2 Environment. Using this environment they were able to successfully publish the package to the client systems (as recommended by Microsoft). The question they had, “in 4.5 we could add another group to the package, but we could also change which apps in the package were to be included”. For this this instance they wanted to publish all apps of the Office package to one group and only Excel to another group. This is easily accomplished using the App-V 5 management site.

First the app was provisioned to a domain group named CONTOSO\Clientcomputer as seen below:


Now they want to provision only Excel to CONTOSO\ExcelUsers

Right-click the Office package and choose ‘edit active directory access’


Click Check, and then Grant Access. The ExcelUsers group is now listed.

Next, pay attention to the right side of this dialog. Specifically, the Assigned Configuration. Here is where changes to the published apps can take place.


Hit the drop-down next to Default for the ExcelUsers group and choose Custom.

Click Edit, if not selected, choose (1) Applications. Here you will see the list of all applications in the package. Uncheck the apps not needed to be published.


One can also modify the Shortcut’s location. Just select it and click Edit


Once done, click Save and then Close

Now you should see this when looking at the AD assignments for the Office package. Of course, you could add as many different groups and configurations as required!


To see how this custom configuration works behind the scenes, check out this post by Thamim Karim found here.

Hope that this helps

Ryan Cobb | Application Virtualization PFE

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