Video Walkthrough of Sequencing and Deploying Pet Shop 4.0

A lot of people are new to the packaging process using the Server Application Virtualization Sequencer. As such, we’re providing two videos on how to sequence and deploy Pet Shop 4.0. These videos will give you a good idea on how to use the Server App-V Sequencer to create a virtual application package and then how to quickly verify the validity of the package using the the Server App-V PowerShell cmdlets. Of course the package created can also be imported into your VMM Library for deployment via a Service Template.

Note that the PowerShell cmdlets used in the video are from the VMM 2012 Release Candidate release. They have been updated from the VMM 2012 Beta release and use a new set of nouns.

Much thanks to Steve Bucci (Senior Support Escalation Engineer) who created the two videos!

Sequencing Pet Shop 4.0 Using Server App-V

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Deploying Pet Shop 4.0 Using Server App-V PowerShell Cmdlets

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