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ninja-puppyMy Buddy Aaron, who has today been awarded his long awaited App-V MVP status, has been writing up a nice series of blog posts on common FAQs questions that come up from App-V.  The below are links to some of the common questions we here on the Technet Forums and from other resources.

These resources have helped many with some of the common questions to get people started!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi Sanjay,

    You should post questions like that in the Forums

  2. sanjay says:


    I have a scenario where  we are pushing application packages to users using SCCM at user group level. When a user needs an app, we add him to respective group and he gets the application in the app store. We are implementing App-V for VDI clients, however we have few users who will logon to both VDI and physical machine. So when user logs onto VDI he will get all the applications from SCCM which we want to block. He shall get only apps from App-v not the real MSI packages from SCCM even though he belongs to application groups.

    Appreciate your help



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