Application Virtualization Explorer – Released

I have been meaning to blog about this for ages. Kalle released me a version of AVE in alpha and again in Beta, and i just never got around to finishing my blog post on it……  :o(

The tool however is fab! I as well as a number of my community buddies have been loving this tool and how its been working great for us all for our time playing with this.


Building on the success of hugely popular SFT Explorer - trusted by thousands of App-V professionals around the world - Application Virtualization Explorer (AVE) introduces a new era in App-V package editors and viewers. AVE adds several new exiting features into already familiar and easy to use and understandable interface. AVE is not SFT only viewer anymore, but full-blown App-V package editor which targets all use cases for App-V packages, be it SCCM integrated use, traditional App-V infrastructure or custom delivery method with App-V package MSIs.

You need to check out 

One of the items that i do really really love is the unique feature for Examining PKG files.

Examine App-V Client data

AVE is able to open up and display the contents of App-V Client cached settings - or delta - files (also known as PKG files based on their file extension). While so far App-V administrators has been limited to only guess what the running packages have cached on the client - per user or per machine - now you actually can see it! No more blind repairing App-V packages on the client on the hope that problem will go away.


With AVE, you will be able to examine and analyze the root cause since having the full visibility on the client, and then make necessary adjustments to your packages (with AVE, of course!) for good, with no place left for guessing.

The tool really does Rock from my App-V Administrative Hat perspective! Especially the pkg explorer!

As always this is not a Microsoft Tool and thus we do not support the tool or output of third party tools and this should be proactively investigated and reviewed.

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