App-V with Microsoft Office 2010 (Deployment Kit and Recipe/PoC)

imageThe Office 2010 deployment kit, recipe, and PoC Package are now available.  I love my sequenced version of office 2010, i have been using it as a sequenced application since the Beta and love the performance, reliability and my ability to DSC plugins into the environment.

If you have not given it a try than here's the recipe;

Office 2010 App-V Recipe Guide (RTM):

To Make the recipe and office 2010 work you will need the Office 2010 Deployment Kit;

Office 2010 App-V Deployment Kit (RTM):
Published as a free download on Microsoft download center:

Lastly there has been a PoC Kit made available;

Pre-sequenced Office 2010 RTM in Self-Service PoC Jumpstart:

The PoC kit has been updated to include RTM, including pre-sequenced Office 2010 with App-V:

Basically Office 2010 is rocking with App-V and well worth some playing with!

Comments (1)

  1. anony.muos says:

    Office 2010 does not support XP x64 natively but the App-V client does support 64-bit XP. Can I run sequenced Office 2010 on XP x64 then?

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