Sequencing Microsoft Desktop Player

I try and sequence everything on my machine…. from Live Writer (my blogging tool of choice) to Office 2010 to the simple things like tools etc …. one day i will have to do a sftmime /query obj:app /short and publish my lonnnnng list of apps.

I think sequencing applications just makes my life easier when playing with daily builds of applications or just for testing stuff!

So i though that i would talk about applications that i have recently sequenced that i believe to be extremely handy! The first tool is a application called “Microsoft Desktop Player” which is currently in Beta. I read about it over on Paul Thurrott.

“What does it do?”

Using either your browser (It’s a Silverlight application) or an installed desktop application, you can easily and contextually find webcast recordings, podcast recordings, whitepapers, etc.  So, let’s say you’re interested in SharePoint 2010..

“But I’m not.”

Let’s just say you are, okay?  You do a search based on who you are IT Pro or Developer, what technology or product you’re interested in researching (like “Microsoft Office”), the kind of role you play (“Server Administrator”, “Enterprise Administrator”, “Support Technician”, etc.), what you’re focusing on.. and so on.  You can be as specific or as general as you want.  Do the search, and then the results are shown broken down into the types of resources found (Webcasts, Podcasts, Whitepapers, and Links).

You can also bookmark items you found for later viewing or retrieval; building up your own personal library of resources.

“Sounds Awesome!  Where do I get it?”

You can use it from your browser (CLICK HERE).

Or you can download the installer HERE and run it from

Now for my sequenced application I downloaded the full installer and ran it through the sequencer! Its a really straight forward install , simple to set up and get working.

I then did my faithful SFTMIME command to load it onto my machine


And Hey presto, i have a desktop player that's in beta that has no impact on my machine! Plus i can watch all the content and learn new stuff!


Go download it today, Its Free, Easy, Great simple app to sequence, and the learning benefits are fab! Plus if you have a team and they want to learn some great new content this is a simple tool to sequence and deploy to the masses.

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