AppPlus and OSDPlus

AppPlus1 dear me! i just cant keep up with all these new fantastic little tools that are being developed around little old app-v! The latest in a line of tools are from Duncan Murdoch who is developing OSD+.

AppPlus has just announced a beta program. It is designed to allow the App-V community to trial the functionality of OSD+, offer feedback and make feature requests, before the first fully available version is released to the public.

There are some really handy features in this tool;

  • No App-V infrastructure required for application testing
  • File streaming capabilities into App-V client
  • Launch Application from inside the GUI
  • Launch troubleshooting tools inside the application's virtual environment
  • Create manifest files for SCCM and 3rd party delivery software integration
  • Edit OSD files safely
  • Create "dynamic suite compositions" with the click of a button
  • Import registry files into the OSD file
  • Restore OSD files to previous save points
  • App-V 4.6 support

I have been using it for some time. And there are some cool items such as osd restore points for the times when you played with the OSD a little bit too much.


Give the beta a shot….

Comments (2)

  1. Andrew Cooke says:

    Don’t forget the freebie app for everyone that allows fast BULK editing of OSD files. Easily add and remove OS tags.

    This I found really useful on a customer site who already have App-V/Softgrid and wanted a quick way to enable them to work on a new 2008 TerminalServer

  2. AppPlus does not seem to be available any more 🙁

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