How do I download App-V 4.6 for RDS!?!

For RDS users out there its an easy process to get your hands on the binaries. App-V 4.6 for RDS (formerly App-V for Terminal Services) can be downloaded immediately here.


Once at the site click Continue. Certain Registration details will be required to allow the download to take place.


Once you have completed the registration process you should be good to download the .iso


Happy Days!!! Enjoy deploying all them Windows Server 2008 R2 x64 boxes ;o)

Comments (2)

  1. Patrick Kaak says:

    It could be me, but when I log on using my Live ID, I only get the option to NOT agree with the licenses and to continue. I do not have the option ‘Yes’ wich I can select.

    Do I need to use a special Live ID for it?

  2. Dan Dexter says:

    Same here, only the option for No, and clicking Continue brings me to the Windows Server 2008 page.  Although I see the link back to the confirmation page works (extracted from the page source), which then allows me to click the Download button and get the
    ISO.  This is the link:

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