Immidio AppScriber 2.0

Rodney emailed me today about a tool that he has been working on with a company called Immidio called “Appscriber”, I think i posted about this in the past about v1 of Appscriber. Appscriber is a self service portal for applications.

In Rodney's own words: Version 2.0 of AppScriber now finally adds a configurable workflow engine, which allows you to optionally configure “Approvers” for applications. Which means, that besides users can automatically enable ”General” applications for themselves, for some applications you decide on (Managed applications), upon user request, a notification e-mail will be sent to the associated “Approver”. The approver can then Accept or Reject this request. After this an e-mail will be sent back to the user with the decision the approver made and if accepted the application will be automatically deployed.

Now i am all for empowering users and am really interested in getting my hands on “Appscriber v2” for a play with! I guess we will all have to wait for this to be released but i am already looking forward to playing with this. This is looking like a very very neat add on for App-V from our MVPs.

Once the admin video is released I will ping that out!

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