Free App-V USB Tool available from Login Consultants

Rodney pinged me on my blog ages ago now saying about another Free tool that Login Consultants have developed. The tool is the App-V USB Tool 1.0 which you can download here.

I have not yet tried the tool but the word on the street is that its pretty darn nifty!

I will let login explain :o)

“The App-V USB Tool is an add-on to the App-V 4.5 Client. It makes it possible to automatically, or by request, import and register App-V enabled (sequenced) applications into the App-V Client from any USB storage device. Note: This will only work with applications that are sequenced with App-V 4.5 sequencer or above.

When the App-V USB tool is running it displays an icon in the system tray.

App-V USB Tool systray icon

As soon as you insert a USB storage device, the App-V USB tool detects this and shows the following options.

App-V USB Tool storage detect dialog

When you select “Scan and Auto-Import all Virtual Applications” it will scan the complete USB storage device for App-V 4.5 sequences and import these automatically.
When you select “Scan and show list of found Virtual Applications” it will show a list of these applications. You can then select which applications you would like to import.

App-V USB Tool list of detected applications

Once the tool is installed, there is also an option to right-click on any folder (local or USB storage) that contains App-V 4.5 sequences, and Auto Import.

App-V USB Tool explorer integration

Download from source.


I certainly need to have a play with the tool as it looks really good and handy for standalone/power users like myself!

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