x64 and App-V 4.6 A Match Made in Heaven

The beta has been running for a while now….. and I have been over the moon with having the 4.6 client on my windows 7 x64 machine. I was one of the many that moved away from x86 to x64 with Windows Vista, and had to make a massive sacrifice (My Beloved App-V apps!). With Windows 7 RTM’ing and my obvious upgrade , the 4.6 Beta came out just in time!

So far I have over 100 of my best and most loved applications running back in a nice and clean Win7 Install. around 70% of these applications are my existing ones that I sequenced on a x86 platform and have just allowed them to run on my x64 platform. The other 30% are newly sequenced applications on my x64 sequencer!

The big thing for me was getting my platform back on track and I feel I can move from Microsoft technology to technology without the need to have all manor of random applications being installed.

The performance of Windows 7 RTM x64 with App-V 4.6 Beta client has been great. There are some slight changes that will improve some end use experience (remember its beta) but the experience has been a dream to me! The x64 desktop client has been lightning fast, and the performance of both my x86 applications and my x64 applications have shown great execution times.

My goal was to have every application that I use that could be sequenced on my machine, and I am pretty much 99% of the way there. So far only 2 applications have escaped my grasp, however I know the team are doing some great work looking into the issues.

Dogfooding can sometimes be full of pain and suffering! :o) I mean its the nature of the beast… However, I am loving this Beta because its made my life easier and simpler! If you have not already tried App-V 4.6 Beta (specifically the x64 version) , Download it today from Microsoft Connect (http://connect.microsoft.com

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