How to Download the App-V 4.6 Beta

So you have heard lots about it! and you are so eager to get going and playing with the 4.6 Beta. And trust me its well worth it. 4.6 is awesome even in beta and playing with the Beta is a good way to get you and your organisation ahead of the game!

So how do we get to play?

1) Sign in to connect

2) Once logged in Select Connection Directory.

3) Once in the Connection Directory section for “Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.6” and click Apply Now


4) Fill in the questionnaire!

5) And that's it your done!!! May this be the best Version of App-V to date!

Enjoy the Beta, and please do submit your feedback if you feel there is something that is a Bug or should be changed. I will detail the steps to do that in another blog soon!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hey Syidie77,

    Check this out…/how-do-i-download-the-mdop-2010.aspx this will give you what you need.



  2. vivek says:

    Thanks the Article. Which helped me much with product evaluation perspective.

  3. Syidie77 says:

    Hi Justin,

    You could say that I'm a little bit behind on this technology as I was only being asked to create a POC lab for App-V 4.5/4.6.

    I've tried to download the beta version today (1st August 2010), unfortunately the beta version for App-V 4.6 is no longer available from the link provided above (Microsoft Connect).

    As I'm quite new to the company and not yet have the access to MVLS, is there a possibility that you still keep the App-V 4.6 Beta version as I'd really to have it for the POC.

    Thanks in advance Justin : )

  4. Navnath says:


  5. Navnath says:


  6. navnath says:

    Mujya job

  7. navnath says:

    Mujya job

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