How Do I Develop V12N-Friendly Apps?

There was a great video I came across on Channel 9. It was a session that John and Elsie did at PDC recently. One of the bits I really enjoined was at 31:20 in the video. Its a section in the presentation thats called “How Do I Develop V12N-Friendly Apps?”

Why is this important? well its a great thing to pass to your application teams to discuss ways on developing better App-V Applications. Its also a really really handy things to pass to ISVs to help them understand further information around application creation for Virtualized apps.

Key Times for the Video;

00:00 Introduction and Agenda
18:45 How Are Virtual Apps Run?
23:45 How Are Requests Processed?
31:20 How Do I develop V12N-Friendly Apps?
51:30 Testing Virtualized Application
59:00 Question and Answers

The premise for the session is below;

Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V), formerly known as Microsoft Softgrid Application Virtualization, allows companies to create and customize "virtual packages" of desktop applications that can be streamed over the web providing a SAAS experience without a costly rewrite of the application. Learn how App-V improves the deployment, test, and support cost savings achieved by moving to virtual applications.

  • Elsie Nallipogu

  • John Sheehan

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