Example of using the SFT File Format

The Other day I posted around the SFT File Format. Well I wanted to also expand on some great work that some people in the field have done. For example Kalle Saunamaki has done lots of work around SFT file format and using .NET language, and if you need a helping hand in getting to grips with the format there are some tools out there to assist; for example Lib-V (http://www.gridmetric.com/products/libv.html).

Lib-V is a .NET -based library component that makes it possible for you to incorporate either reading or read/write capabilities of Microsoft App-V's SFT fileformat into your own applications. Making it possible to have full control over SoftGrid/App-V packages in your application and creating instant added value to it.

Lib-V is available in pre-compiled binary .NET assembly, with either read-only or read/write capabilities.


Its a rather interesting tool. and just shows what you can do with the SFT File Format knowledge!

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