Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V: Insider’s Guide to Microsoft’s Hypervisor




Just found this book and ordered it  without hesitation.  sounds just what I have been looking for. 


This book can help you and customers get up and running quickly with expert guidance from three team members at Microsoft who work with the product.

This insiders guide takes readers through Hyper-V essentials, including how to install, configure, and secure virtual machines.  Through more advanced topics, they will discover how to use virtualization for disaster recovery and to leverage quick migration, including examples of how to manage virtual machines with System Center tools and via custom scripting. The book provides pages of explanations and tips—and encourages hands-on work with Hyper-V the reader progress and learns.

· Install, configure, and get productive on Hyper-V as quickly as possible

· Understand common and best practices for optimizing performance and security

· Migrate from hardware to virtual machines using basic tools like WinPE and ImageX  or the enterprise focused System Center Virtual Machine Manager (SCVMM)

· Learn about scripting for Hyper-V using Windows PowerShell or VBScript to automate simple and complex tasks via the WMI Virtualization provider

· Manage enterprise virtualization environments using Microsoft System Center – exploring each  System Center product individually: Operations Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, and Data Protection Manager


John Kelbley, Mike Sterling, and Allen Stewart

Comments (4)

  1. insider outline says:

    What exactly is this Hyper- v , is it a server or a windows utility software?

  2. insider outline says:

    This is an excellent book for reference. Thank you very much.

  3. John Kelbley says:

    Big fan of that book… and a BIGGER fan of the updated "R2" version (just released!)


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