John Sheehan: Architecture and Engineering of Microsoft Application Virtualization (AppVirt) – Goes Deep!

So back a while back we spoke around John Sheehan looking inside App-V. Since than John has done a further update where he goes further into the topic!

You can watch this here;

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Duration: 58:31

John Sheehan, Architect of Microsoft's AppVirt (SoftGrid) technology, spends some time with Channel 9 digging (deeply) into the architecture and engineering of the application virtualization technology he and team create. A few months ago John joined channel 9 for a Going Deep on application virtualization and you asked for more (and you asked for us to go deeper - John only scratchd the surface last time he spoke to channel 9). Well, here you go, Niners. Deep AppVirt. This is whiteboard-heavy and John's mic'd so the sound quality is exceptional. Enjoy!

Microsoft Application Virtualization 4.5 (AppVirt) allows the flexibility to control virtual application interaction. Administrators wanting to consolidate virtual environments, and enable faster, easier administration, can use the product’s Dynamic Suite Composition, which sequences and manages packages for middleware applications separately from the main application. It shrinks potential package size by eliminating redundant packaging of middleware, allowing, for instance, multiple web applications to communicate with the same single instance of a virtualized .NET Framework or Java Runtime Environment (JRE). Updates for the common virtual middleware are simplified as well as one virtual application is updated instead of several. This “many-to-one” capability greatly reduces the cost of updates. It also makes it easier to deploy and manage applications with multiple plug-ins and add-ins, and improves management of plug-in distribution to different user groups.

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