Windows 7 Tips & Tricks tip 5, 6 & 7





5. Help the Help Desk Help You.

Solving problems unique to a machine can be an arduous task for both the end-user and the help desk. That’s why Windows 7 introduces the Problem Steps Recorder, a screen-capture tool that allows the end-user to record the problems they’re having step-by-step. It’s as simple as hitting “record” then adding in comments as needed. A HTML-based file is converted to a .ZIP folder, which is easily passed on to the help desk. The program is accessible from the Control Panel under “Record steps to reproduce a problem” or run psr.exe from Explorer.


6. Aero Peek Your Desktop

A lesser-known versatile tool on the taskbar is Windows 7’s new “Aero Peek” – the small rectangle in the lower right hand corner. It allows you to peek at any of the icons or gadgets on your desktop. The keyboard shortcut Win+Space performs the same function.



7. Shuffling Through Program Windows.

 If you’re running a number of files from the same program, such as multiple documents in Microsoft Word, Windows 7 allows you to switch through these windows with ease. Simply hold down the Ctrl key while repeatedly clicking the icon from the taskbar. Each click will change the window to the next in the sequence, in the order that you opened them.

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