IE8 Reliability Update for Windows 7 Beta Now Available




I have just been prompted that an update is available for Windows 7 beta, on inspection I find its an update for IE.  To be honest, the IE experience in Windows 7 Beta has been ok, I have suffered from the occasional hang, explorer stop responding and indeed have killed the explorer process in task manager a number of times.  This said the experience of IE 8 RC1 on Vista has been completely different, no hangs, performant etc.  Which goes to show that the problems I have experience are more likely to do with the build of IE within the Windows 7 Beta.  So this update is a good thing (I still wish it was RC1 build of IE 8) however I am sure this will come.

How to get it?

The update is now available via Windows Update, and can also be downloaded via Microsoft Update.

Want more information?

Hop over to the IEBlog here

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