softbarlogo Aaron came over and told me about a new little freeware tool that can help assist you in app-v 

I have not yet had a chance to play with the tool but I thought it would be interesting to let people know. Again this is not a Microsoft Tool and therefore no support can be given. Remember this is freeware code….

So what is this SoftBar lark:

SoftBar will help you work with Microsoft Application Virtualization (aka App-V, aka SoftGrid, aka Softricity) environments faster than you thought possible. Working with SoftGrid over the years has been great, but I've always wanted to make some things easier. At first glance SoftBar looks like a button bar for SoftGrid apps (which it is), but it's so much more! It works with all versions of SoftGrid.

What can SoftBar do for you?
  • Run any application, installed locally or sequenced, from within the virtual environment with ease; we call these virtual actions
  • Configure multiple environments/servers and run applications directly from them (even if you use an environment variable for your server names)
  • Command line functionality to use your SoftGrid applications in batch files and scripts
  • Display extended OSD info easily
  • Refresh your list of virtual applications from any configured server
  • Quickly launch SoftGrid applications with a single click
  • Minimized view to free up screen real estate
  • Show only the apps you want to see
  • Rename apps to whatever you desire
  • Clear the application cache, user cache or both
  • Automatic update of added or removed applications
  • Add normal shortcuts to place all applications in one place, virtual or physical
  • Completely customizable view
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    shares with readers the most relevant and important information aspects of Microsoft Enterprise Desktop Virtualization (MED-V), a the sixth product in MDOP.

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