Merge and Override Settings for the Virtual Registry and File System in the App-V Sequencer

softgrid You can either merge or override file directories or registry keys in an App-V/SoftGrid package with the App-V/SoftGrid Client OS using the following Sequencer check boxes:

Virtual Registry
1. Override Local Key
2. Merge with Local Key
- You can also choose to ignore the hosting system’s keys by selecting Override Local Key, or you can create a merged view of the key from within the virtual environment by selecting Merge with Local Key.

Virtual File System
3. Override Local Directory
4. Merge with Local Directory
- Again to override the local directory, right-click the file you just added and, on the menu, select Override Local Directory; or to merge with the local directory, select Merge with Local Directory.

This is a little known feature of the Sequencer that we call on from time to time so you should be aware of these options, also in older versions of the product (4.1 pre SP1) this feature use to be a bit interesting (in the distant past) so if you have seen weird behaviour with this feature try again in 4.5. 

Chris Lord at TechEd Orlando 08 did a great session on this in his advance sequencing session! Check this feature out if your not already using it!
To Modify the Virtual File System or Virtual Registry Settings check out these great references to the tech centre:

How to Modify Virtual Registry Key Information

How to Modify File-Mapping Information

Comments (6)

  1. John says:

    If you use the "Merge" option and their is are duplicates of a file or key in both local and virtual path – which one takes priority?

  2. Aditya says:

    Merge with local will create a combined view of what’s in the package and what’s on the real file system or registry. Files or registry keys inside the package will take precedence.

  3. Anonymous says:

    ~ John Behneman | Senior Support Escalation Engineer Hello everyone, John Behneman here again. I’d like

  4. Thanh Frame says:

    Hey comments ! I Appreciate the analysis . Does anyone know if my business can find a blank 2001 CAR TDS-11 document to fill in ?

  5. wanda says:

    Greetings Thanh. my colleague got a template 2001 CAR TDS-11 version here

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