What is Twitter? and what clients do you use?

I recently posted that I am now addicted to Twitter, to be honest I have resisted the movement completely.  In fact it was not until recently that I embrace facebook or as I used to call it bookface I put it down to my age :)  This said I am hooked, the difficulty I have is how do you explain what twitter is all about? over a beer to friends and or family who really do not get it!

So I found this great video, for fan’s of such things. Commoncraft are the creators and do a number or these around differing subjects e.g. What is Web 2.0?

Anyway watch it, understand it and follow my twitter steam here.

So you get twitter.   In that case what clients do you use and on what devices?  For reference I use on my Netbook, Laptop and Home PC running Windows 7 Beta:

PC’s, Laptop’s and Netbook. 



TweetDeck (Yes, before you say anything both are built on Adobe Air)



Smart Phone

Tiny Twitter


I would be interest to here what clients you use?

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