App-V: Federated Search Connector For Windows 7

Hopefully this will help someone out there in the world ! Now this is a big disclaimer! This is for the Windows 7 Beta. And I have tested this only to a very limited extent! You will find the zip file with the 3 connectors in below in the attachments.

Windows 7 supports a new feature called Federated Search. It's based on OpenSearch and RSS2 and enables searching of remote repositories from the Windows desktop. This is one darn darn cooooool feature!

I have built a Federated Search Connector for the following;

The Virtual World Blog – Obviously this was my baby of choice!

The App-V Product Team Blog – A fab App-V resource

The Microsoft TechCenter – Good to search for key documents including App-V

All of these connectors are not supported by Microsoft in anyway and just use feeds to search windows live and gather the results. I am only pulling up 10 results, but so far that's all I have ever needed to get the correct information.

How to install

1st Step: Save the attached. Now just open the zip file and double click the included Search .osdx file to install the Search Provider.

2nd Step: Open Windows Explorer. You will see you new Search Provider listed under Favorites or under C:\Users\<username>\Searches

3rd Step: Type what you want to search for using the Search box to begin searching

Looks a bit like this when you’re done!


Hope this helps you all. If you can improve on this just let us all know to get the benefits.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    If you’ve been playing around with the new Windows 7 beta then you may already be familiar with a new

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