Application Virtualization Product Team needs your help!

I want to get this as much press as I can for gene and the app-v team!  Please do take some time, especially in the change freeze period and answer this short survey!


Hi Everyone,

The Application Virtualization team would like to get your input and ask you to help us with our planning process.

We’d like your insight to help us improve server application serviceability, reliability, and availability through a consistent deployment experience.  Ideally this is experience is straightforward and accomplished by making server applications accessible and manageable without requiring application code changes, but still maintain application state separation and thus unifying the deployment and servicing processes.

Bringing virtualization to server applications will allow customers to rapidly deploy and service Windows Server workloads in a new way.  Today it may take days or weeks to provision applications in the data center. By decoupling the server application from the operating system, customers gain a level of flexibility that can be applied in various scenarios to improve operational efficiency.  Virtualization of server applications can allow IT departments and businesses act quickly and efficiently to the demands of their customers while integrating with both physical and virtual machines. 

The App-V Engineering team needs your help!  We’d like to gather additional customer data to help us with further refine our planning process and ensure our next generation application virtualization software aligns with our customers’ business requirements and scenarios.

Our Ask:  We would appreciate it if you could take 1 - 2 minutes to complete the survey below.  Please include your contact information if you wish to be contacted and included in further discussions to help us shape the App-V product!


App-V team

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Great post, explained really well and I could really understand. Thank you.

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