MCS Talks Enterprise Architecture Session 10 – Application Virtualization

I was meant to post an article yesterday but decided against it until a certain operating system beta comes out in the future! So watch out for a cool post in first few months in 2009!

Anyway time has flown by the last few months and am quite looking forward to the Christmas Break! I have a few articles which I need to release around HTTP streaming and some other config setup with App-V.

HOWEVER! Before all that A few months ago I was asked to assist MCS in some Architecture Sessions. Mark Aslett and Adam Shepherd called on a number of the team. Adam Shepherd and I will be delivering the MCS Talks Enterprise Architecture Session 10 – Application Virtualization. The MCS team have been delivering a number of sessions for “MCS Talks” . These have been really really great sessions to date and are going to continue to the grand finish with Adam and I. If you want to register, feel free to do so here;

And Adam and I will be looking forward to having you all in the session!


Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager,Windows Server 2008.

IT Professional,Technology Decision Maker.

75 Minutes

Start Date:

10 December 2008 16:00 GMT, London

Event Overview

In the last of the current “MCS Talks Infrastructure Architecture” series, we will focus on application virtualization.  We’ll begin by giving and overview of the Microsoft virtualization portfolio and where application virtualization sits.  We’ll then discuss in what scenarios application virtualization can be used and some common misconceptions about its usage.  The remainder of the session will discuss the different delivery methodologies for application virtualization, the possible architectures for deploying Microsoft App-V in the enterprise today and how to scale the infrastructure to meet different scenarios. We’ll be including considerations for both well connected and branch office environments, and your options for both internet based and standalone machines.  Finally we’ll discuss the options for integrating with 3rd party electronic software distribution systems and the built in integration with Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007 Release 2.

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