Life in Prague Chatting to PFE EMEA

So the PFE community tries to meet up every year. The aim is technology awareness and training, we have lovingly named the event Czech ready after our Seattle based training called tech ready! I think Jason Wallace came up with this name!

Anyway, Duane and I have been speaking at many of the virtualization session at the event, with myself also popping into the SCCM events to talk about the app-v integration.We even got Robin Brandle over to chat about Citrix and the virtualization story they have with xen.... which was pretty darn cool to say the least!!! Excellent all round session!

Just a quick note to say if your looking for a place to go, than this is a great city, full of history, great food and even better drink. My better half Natalie is joining me for a few days also which should mean I have to put the tools down :o)

Comments (2)

  1. Paul Devlin says:

    And what a great event it was, and great city, and the APP V presentation…. Awesome

  2. Robin Brandl says:

    Thanks Duane and Justin for having me! It was a great time!

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