Microsoft Application Virtualization Administrative Template (ADM Template)

Well in case you missed it (and i guess that you may have) the App-V ADM template got officially released.

Check out and download from 


The Microsoft Application Virtualization ADM template configures client settings for the App-V Windows Desktop Client and for the Terminal Services client. The ADM template centrally manages common client configurations by using an existing Group Policy infrastructure and includes settings for communication, client interface, and permissions.

Feature Bullet Summary:
The ADM Template for App-V 4.5 provides central client settings administration for App-V 4.5 deployment, including the following:

  • Client permissions
  • Client interface behavior
  • Client communication settings
Comments (3)

  1. zarbie says:

    We dont set the Server address in the ADM. The client needs to be configured at client install or modification via script at a later date. Check out for some further infoon the publishing server.

    Are you getting a specific error on DC Refresh frm the client?

    All the best


  2. Anonymous says:

    Any idea how to set the server address using the template, just setting the application source root does not do it. It needs the server address somewhere.



  3. Rick B/UCF says:

    Some key components are missing. client cache size, client cache location, and default app-v cluster name.

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